Lino and Pia just arrived

Lino and Pia are two special cuckoo whistles, cuccù, for the bottle realized exclusively for OGNISSOLE by the design studio Dossofiorito.
These little birds in glazed ceramic have been inspired by the traditional animal shaped clay whistles that are typical of Puglia and especially of Grottaglie, an ancient ceramic district not far from the OGNISSOLE estate in Manduria.
Once attached to the neck of a bottle, the little birds act as stopper and pourer for the wine, and most importantly, they reveal their distinctive trait: Lino and Pia, in fact, “chirp” at the flow of the wine, thanks to their inner conformation that makes them a sort of new typology of the cuccù object.
Just pouring the wine will make Pino and Lia twitter! An ordinary gesture to create a new and joyful atmosphere, within conviviality.